Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card time

I just love getting picture Christmas cards in the mail of friends and family! My kids enjoy looking at the pictures too. This year, we were very blessed to have a professional photographer, Danielle Fields of Fields photography and framing, take our pictures and we are looking forward to making our cards with Shutterfly. We have made our Christmas cards with Shutterfly in the past and have had great results! We get so many compliments about the great quality of Shutterfly's products. Their website is user-friendly as well.

We also love Shutterfly photo books. These are wonderful for documenting memories of our family! They are also great for documenting the first years of our children's lives. I still love looking through the photo books I have made of our family. It amazes me how quickly our children are growing up and with photo books I will be able to cherish the memories for years to come. Photo books also make great gifts for family members, especially grandparents. We have given Shutterfly photo books as Christmas gifts to grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles in the past.

Shutterfly offers more great gifts such as photo calendars, stationery, and a variety of other gifts. It would be a wonderful idea to visit Shutterfly for those last minute Christmas gifts this year!

New family pictures!

Been a while since I have blogged...will try to do better in 2011 :). Here is a link to our new family pictures!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

M and K

Michael and Kaitlyn are growing up too fast!
Hugs before bedtime!

They love their daddy reading the Bible to them...notice Kaitlyn's shoes :)
Michael is finally in a big boy bed. This is how we found him one night when we checked on him...I guess he fell off and did not wake up!
I tried to take a picture of our matching GA toes and Michael had to put his feet in too.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Destin Family vacation

We had a great time at the beach at the end of August! Thanks Papa and MeMa Sue for treating us to a few days at the beach!
Michael loved the train at the Destin Commons. The first night the kids just played in the parked train...not realizing they could ride it. The second night Papa paid for a ride and Michael loved it!
Playground at Destin Commons
Best attempt at a family picture...sad, I know!
Sweet Kaitlyn
This is our fearless little girl who loved swimming!
Not a huge fan of the sand...she enjoyed sitting in Mema's lap while at the beach
Checking out the water
Michael had to sport Papa's shades while flying his Toy Story kite. I forgot his and he could not see the kite well due to the sun.
Papa and Kaitlyn at our favorite seafood place in Destin...Dewey's!
Michael enjoying a hotdog at Johnny Rocket's...our waitress made Michael a smiley face out of ketchup.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


It has been a busy summer in the Lyons' family! My blogging has been quite slack...sorry! Here are a few pictures from last month:

Kaitlyn washing her hands...this was her first ponytail :)

The girl LOVES to wear shoes...mainly other people's shoes! Here she is in her brother's :)
Michael pretending to nap with Samson
My little man's first day of preschool...I think he is really enjoying it!
The kids have really enjoyed going to the lake this summer. They love watching their daddy jump in the water then jump to him. Momma stands on the dock...I watch for snakes ;)
Throwing rocks in the water. Crazy what entertains toddlers!
Kaitlyn has one sassy personality...she is showing it here.
MeMa Jen is good at painting Kaitlyn's toenails...we had a matching paint job.
Michael was not feeling well one day recently and he laid on the sofa with his blanket for over an hour. He was pretending to sleep though!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jesus Loves Me!

More summer photos

Backyard pool fun
Kaitlyn was sprayed in the face with the hose by her brother numerous times and took it like a champ :)
Michael loves Mac N Cheese...on this particular day Ryan and I got about 2 bites! Michael and Kaitlyn handled the box!
MeMa Jen got Kaitlyn a pink Doodle Pro so that she did not have to take her brother's Toy Story one from him...well she still takes it, but at least she has a pink one for herself now.
Daddy's Georgia girl!